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New Book Coming Soon

I've been busy completing my latest book, Orion, so I've not had much time to give any updates on this site. Recently I've been playing around with design using Photoshop, which has allowed me to create my own covers and adverts.

I've found AI software which is good for creating models which I can drop into Photoshop. I'll write a guide on how I've created covers as it's saved me a lot of money. As an Indie author, I don't have the luxury of a publishing house picking up the expenses, so I'm always looking to save money as I'm not exactly bringing in big money with my books. But I enjoy writing, so it's not just about money... though more money would help.

So what's Orion about? It's a story about a pop singer called Lady Orion, who is in trouble with a sinister network that controls celebrities, powerful people who manipulate and punish. When Orion crosses them, she has to go on the run, hiding herself in a plain life with a new identity, only to find herself unable to return as her Orion personae. As the cult closes in on her, she begins to doubt her sanity and wonders who she really is.

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