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Here are a selection of my books available to buy through Amazon. 

Dead Again

Neve’s last week before she dies is far from dull. There’s someone stalking her, doing their best to make her life hell. Her husband suspects she’s cheating on him, so she has to cover her tracks. Perhaps that’s what gets her killed?

Or is the threat from Jenny who’s convinced there’s something alien in the woods? Is she hiding a darker secret? Of course, the obvious suspect is Neve’s secret lover, but he wouldn’t harm her. Would he? What about the stories of aliens in the woods? Could they be responsible for bringing her back to life?

A dark story of a woman returning from the dead a year later to solve her own murder brings a number of exciting twists. Can anyone be trusted in this tale of murder, betrayal and secrets? Is the woman who returned really Neve and what’s her link to a murdered woman twenty years ago?

Neve must find her killer before she’s….

Dead Again.

In this crime thriller you can't trust anyone.

A classic British crime horror for 2019 by Kevin Grover

The Water Voices

Paige Palmer is murdered and returns to life, finding her own dead body a few feet away, washed up from the sea. Hiding her body, she hopes she can find the killer before it's discovered.


Someone wants Paige dead, but her best friend has gone missing and she fears she's also in trouble from the same killer. Who could want Paige dead and why? Events get darker for Paige as she follows the trail of her killer until she learns the past can return with a vengeance.


There are darker forces at work, pulling people together so the past can finally rest, while the mysterious Water Voices call to Paige.


In this paranormal crime thriller no one is as they appear as it goes beyond death, questioning everything we know.


‘Should I fake my death?’


‘People more famous than you have done it.’ 


Lady Orion is the pop singer of the decade, loved by millions of adoring fans. But behind the scenes exists a sinister network of powerful elite controlling her. 


They can offer fame for the price of your soul, but is it worth it?


When Orion saves a young upcoming model from an initiation into this evil cult, her life is put in danger. Helped by her only friend She goes on the run, assuming a new identity as a nobody in a quiet town, hoping no one will recognise her. But can she ever return to the stage when a new  Lady orion appears in her place? And why hasn’t her friend made contact again?


Can she trust anyone? Has her life been an illusion, her past hidden from her?


This thriller will have you wondering what is real, and who can be trusted.

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