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Dead Again

Neve’s last week before she dies is far from dull. There’s someone stalking her, doing their best to make her life hell. Her husband suspects she’s cheating on him, so she has to cover her tracks. Perhaps that’s what gets her killed?

Or is the threat from Jenny who’s convinced there’s something alien in the woods? Is she hiding a darker secret? Of course, the obvious suspect is Neve’s secret lover, but he wouldn’t harm her. Would he? What about the stories of aliens in the woods? Could they be responsible for bringing her back to life?

A dark story of a woman returning from the dead a year later to solve her own murder brings a number of exciting twists. Can anyone be trusted in this tale of murder, betrayal and secrets? Is the woman who returned really Neve and what’s her link to a murdered woman twenty years ago?

Neve must find her killer before she’s….

Dead Again.

In this crime thriller you can't trust anyone.

A classic British crime horror for 2019 by Kevin Grover

Father's Song

Her life falling apart, Jessica reluctantly moves back home, feeling the unwanted outsider. But in the new house, something old and evil has woken, drawn to the darkness within Jessica, feeding on her pain.


When a horned shadow called Father visits her, she is pulled into a world where children's nursery rhymes are hiding sinister meanings.


What is the truth behind Ring a Ring 'o Roses and where is Mother? Why did Dani Blake kill herself and does the same fate await Jessica?


Is there another way to silence Father's Song?


A twisted tale of nursery rhymes, Father's Song will haunt you long after the lights go out.


Another classic british horror by Kevin Grover


The circus has come to a small island off the coast of England, led by a mysterious man in a multicoloured coat, playing a flute. His name is Jack in the Box, though not everyone is happy to see him and his clowns. 

When James encounters them, it rekindles his fear of clowns. Everywhere he turns, he sees them, lurking in the shadows, waiting for something, or someone.

He tries to convince himself they are harmless, but then people start to go missing. The clowns close in and old childhood toys take on sinister meanings as the true nature of Jack is revealed. Giving out gifts of straw dolls, he sinks his teeth into a small island full of secrets and haunted woods. 

If James is to save his friends, he must learn about the darkness at the heart of the island and face his fear of clowns. 

Coulrophobia is an intensely creepy story that taps into the universal suspicion that clowns are not what they seem to be…


Another classic british crime horror by Kevin Grover

Monsters Mostly Come Out at Night

There is a place you played as a child, where monsters couldn't harm you. But when you leave and grow up, they follow you into adulthood. 

Steven has been running his entire life, but now he must stop and face his childhood monster, returning to that place of dreams and endless summers known as the Wastelands. Everyone, including his new colleague Beth, is placed in danger as the phantom on the internet draws closer. If Steven fails to face his monster and uncover the truth of his past, he could lose the love of his life while the world is plunged into darkness. 

Pulled into secrets spanning decades, will Steven be strong enough to save himself - and the world - from unthinkable evil?


Another classic british crime horror by Kevin Grover


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