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11 Writing Tips From Stephen King

Every author has their favourite writing guide book. Mine is On Writing by Stephen King. It's part autobiography, part tips on writing. King goes through his advice on how to write a great novel. There's so much advice within the book and I highly recommend it.

King writes you should write a first draft within three months and I'm a great believer in this. You want to keep that energy going in your work, because if you're excited by the words flowing, your readers will be, too!

Melissa G Wilson's channel gives advice to writers on writing and publishing and she lists her 11 writing tips from Stephen King.

Do you agree with this writing tips? Have you used any of them? Please let me know in the comments!

Kevin Grover is an indie author of supernatural thrillers. His books are on Amazon and his website, Indie Bookshelf, shares various tips and experiences about his indie career.

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